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Famous Artists from the USA

Many artists hail from the USA. They have worked in many venues. Both contemporary and artists from a by gone area hail from the USA are known for the mediums they liked and did use. Many artists that have gained fame came from the United States. Europe does not have a monopoly on artists.

Some of the more famous artists that were American included Winslow Homer with his Marine Landscapes. Whistler’s Mother portrait was from the US as well and was painted by the great American artist James McNeil Whistler. Maybe one of the most well known US paintings and painters is as Grant Wood who pained American Gothic painting. The American artist espousing American family values Norman Rockwell, was also American. These are some well known artists only a few of many.

The abstract artist Jackson Pollack was also from the United States. Other artists that hailed form the US would be Andy Warhol from the US. The sculpter Alexander Calder was a fellow Pittsburgh native. These are both well known artists and have had massive appeal worldwide.

Other famous American artists would include Georgia O”Keefe with her interesting paintings with natural flowers as the subject. Another artist that was American born and famous in her time was Mary Cassat. Andrew and Jamie Wyeth were famous artists who were residents of the Philadelphia area and painted a lots of bucolic landscapes.

Other artists from the United States were some of the impresssionist painters form the Old Lyme School in Connecticut. One of the artists who was very famous especially for his dog portraits was the artist Henry Rankin Poore.

Robert Maplethorpe was an iconic and controversial artist who hailed from the United States. Other artists from the United states thar re famous would include the likes of Ansel Adams the great photographer of nature scenes, as well as Thomas Hart Benton who created the portraits of the American Cowboy and the old West.

Lee Krasner an American expressionist abstract painter was one of the many artists that graced the 20th century. These are some of the artists that have graced the scene over the years.