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Wedding Boudoir Photography, Anyone?

There are a lot of wedding trends nowadays. There are many trending wedding videos online that show the creativity of the couple and how it shows in their unique ideas. In contrast to the attention that those videos are getting nowadays, there is one silent, private, and intimate trend that is now on the rise. It’s wedding boudoir photography.

What Boudoir Photography Actually is

You may not have heard about this trend. You may not even have a clue on what boudoir photography is. Giving you a brief description, it is where the subject wears little to no clothes at all during the photo shoot. They make sultry poses for the photos but not showing any “complete nudity” at all. It’s like simply teasing, seducing whoever will get to the photos.

A Gift from a Sexy Angel

Seduce who, you say? Well of course, that person is none other than – drumroll please: your groom! Yes. Brides nowadays schedule appointments for boudoir photo shoots to give the photos as gifts to their to-be husbands. Many photographers nowadays offer this kind of package. Some of them even includes a mini compilation of all the boudoir photos from a shoot into a mini album so you won’t have to worry about arranging the pictures or creating the album yourself. Some photographers also includes this in their wedding photography packages so if you plan on doing this little naughty gift and still stick to your budget, it is totally possible.

It’s Time to Take the Shots!

This photo-shoot session are usually scheduled at a separate time from the wedding day itself. This is to make sure that the bride is comfortable and relaxed at the time of the shoot to be able to get the best shots. The duration of the whole shoot varies with the type of package you have availed or the offer given to you by your closest and most talented female photographer. Normally, they take as much as two hours. It gives time for the bride to adjust and get comfortable with the set, and for the photographer to adjust the lighting and set up what needs to be done for the shots.

The photographer will need to know ahead the location of the shoot and should have her approval. Might it be a luxurious hotel room, your own home, or a close friend’s home, the background of the photo is a very crucial factor for every photographer. Another reason why your photographer needs to approve your location first is because she will be adjusting according to the natural light coming in your location. Your pose, the caliber of the camera and all your efforts might go to waste if the pictures didn’t turn out as good as you expected – all because the background and the poor lighting ruined it.

Best Dressed/Undressed

One of the most important things you need to consider when thinking of scheduling a boudoir photo shoot appointment is, of course, the garment that you will be wearing. Basics like black and white garments and those with bright colors are versatile and could give you more options to achieve a different look. Sure you will not wear so much fabric, but think of it this way: you must bring something that feels sexy for you. You may choose the most expensive lingerie in a boutique but if you feel uncomfortable wearing it, don’t wear it. The way you feel about yourself shows through in your photos.

If the clothes you bring gives you the confidence and the naughty feel you need, it will help you get the best sultry shots. You may even look at your photos and won’t be able to believe you could pull off that much boudoir modelling prowess. Oh, don’t forget to wear your engagement ring!