Famous artists from California

Justin Bower was San Francisco born in 1975. He paints people looking like double exposed photographs. There are two sets of eyes, nose, and mouth right underneath each other. In some of his portraits, he has thick black and white lines and thin black and white lines. It looks like he cuts and pastes small pastel picture clippings in various parts of the picture around the portrait.
Thomas Kinkade. William Thomas Kinkade III was born in Sacramento, California on January 13,1958. Kinkade liked landscape painting. One of his most popular portraits is a winter scene at Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley. It’s called Christmas at Graceland, and it even includes figures of Priscilla, and Elvis, holding baby Lisa in his arms, and standing in back of his pink Cadillac.
Mike Stilkey is a native of Tarzana, California who was born on October 15, 1975. He specializes in book sculpture paintings. He likes to draw people who are surrounded by stacks of books. He takes stacks of books and paints images on the middle of the bindings. One favorite portrait is of a pianist. The piano keys, painting on book covers and bindings seems to stretch out almost in an S pattern. The pianist is dressed in a tuxedo with stacks of books in the background.
Elmac | Miles ‘Mac’ MacGregor. Mac was born the son of an engineer in 1980 in Los Angeles, California. He uses acrylics to wall paint, also known as Street Art. He paints portraits on stone walls an on wooden doors. In 2012, he painted an album cover of black and white lines and swirls similar to fingerprints of the member’s images for the rock group, No Doubt.
Alex Schaefer was born in Los Angeles in 1969. He loves drawing pictures of buildings that include Chase Bank, tall buildings, shopping malls,and more. Although he’s not an arsonist,he draws his buildings, making them look like there is a huge fire looming.
David Michael Lee was born in Orange County California in the late 1970s. He likes mixing sewn scraps of fabric with paint, creating three dimensional and animated paintings. Lee works as a college professor of art and a curator who arranges art shows of his works and other people’s art.
California has more than entertainers with talent in the arts. Bower, Kinkade, MzcGregor, Schaefer, and Lee are the many innovative artists in California.

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